Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The John Greed Jewellery Blogger Challenge ft. Edie the Elephant

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd share my entry for the John Greed Jewellery Pandora Blogger Challenge this lunchtime! This is the bracelet I chose, along with the charms - how cute are they?

Bracelet - £55
Snowman Charm - £25
'R' Charm - £30
Elephant Charm - £30
Suitcase Charm - £30
Statue of Liberty Charm - £40
London Bus Charm - £40
Total cost = £250 

The Suitcase reminds me of holidays of course, but I couldn't help noticing that the suitcase had 'DK' written on it - which immediately appealed to me, as I am half Danish, and the charm therefore reminds me of family holidays at our house there, and my little cousins who live in Copenhagen.

The London Bus is perfect, as I do absolutely love London and it's always somewhere I look forward to visiting - London buses are so iconically British!

The Statue of Liberty is inspiring, as I think for any actor, New York is attached to dreams of broadway and films...aaaaah it's somewhere I SO WANT TO GO!

The Elephant reminds me of my younger years, when I adopted an elephant named Edie. I remember making a scrapbook all about her (which I still own now) and being absolutely amazed by the possibility that I was helping this little baby elephant!

This is the real Edie and a friend!
The 'R' charm, reminds me of three things. Uno, it represents 'RoseReviews', this blog, which I love writing - also my middle name, Rose, therefore reminding me to be true to myself, and lastly - my lovely lovely Granny - Mary-Rose, who I miss lots and lots so it would be lovely to have a charm and remember her every time I look at it.

Finally, the snowman is so so lovely and as this competition is running over Christmas, I thought in the unlikely case I win, it would be really festive to have a snowman.....this one probably doesn't have as much meaning behind it as the other charms, but oh well - it's just too cuteeeee

If you want to enter this competition, just click on the image above and it should open - just be warned, the entries have to be in by tomorrow!

I had great fun creating my entry and I hope you do too - good luck!



  1. i have the little snowman pandora charm, one of my faves (:

    L x


    1. :) Thank you so much for checking out my blog, I hope you like it xxx

  2. I absolutely love the bracelet that you came up with! The little elephant charm and the story behind it is so cute! I also really love the suitcase charm!


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