Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Take It Off! Take It Off! - A Make Up Remover Review

There are times in our lives that we don't want make up on...so we all need a great make up remover...I don't know about you all but I want one that is non-greasy, easy to use and really quick! I've tried 2 over the last few months and decided to compare and review them for you...

1) Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense (Eye Make Up Remover)
First Impression: After I got over the fact that I had something Chanel (exciting times), I thought that the packaging was lovely, simple but classy. However the massive separation between the clear liquid (on top) and the blue liquid (below) did scare me a bit, as I really dislike oily/greasy eye make up removers.

Using: After just a few uses, I had fallen for this! I don't think I could ever use another eye make up remover. It's totally non-greasy (yay!) and is so quick - it removes all eye make up within a few sweeps...it's also totally easy to use..just shake..sort of squeeze/drop a few daps onto cotton wool (even loo paper!) and your eye make up is gone! It has also lasted me ages...

.....this is it after a quick shake....I've had this since August..I don't use it EVERY night but I still think that it has lasted me unbelievably well! As an added bonus it also leaves my lids feeling refreshed, soft and moisturised..what more could you ask for!
Tips: My Mum was told by the lovely lady on the Chanel counter that rather than attacking your eyes with lots of sweeps, to hold the cotton wool pad (with the remover on, obviously) over your lashes & lids for a few seconds and then to do one or two big sweeps worked better. I did this and thought it was brilliant advice! It worked tremendously.
Value for money? Yes
Would I buy again? Most definitely!
Would I recommend to friends? Of course?
Where could you get this from? Chanel counters at department stores or online (link will take you to Debenhams website) cost £21 online (for 100ml)
Oh I do love the packaging!

2) Clinique: Take The Day Off Make Up Remover (for lids, lashes and lips)
First Impression: This small bottle came in a free gift pack which I was kindly given by a family member when they bought quite a lot in store. I was already using my Chanel eye make up remover but thought that it sounded great - the way it could be used on lids, lashes and lips sounded wonderful!

Using: I didn't think this was oily - and when my lids felt a little dry it made them feel moisturised. If I'm completely honest I didn't use this on lips - I don't know why! But it did the job well - my only critisism would be that it took a few more sweeps than the Chanel product. It sounds silly but I really can't make my mind up about this one! I think it's because I am happy with my Chanel one. However Clinique is a really good brand - you're in good hands when using their products. I can't really fault this product - it's really good - but just not quite AS good as the Chanel one. However, if you're planning to go on holiday and need to save room packing, this can remove make up from 3 areas...brilliant!

Value for Money? Yes!!!
Would I buy it again? Well as it was a gift I didn't really buy it..but if I had probably yes!
Would I reccomend to friends? Yes
Where could you get this from? A Clinique counter or online (link will take you to Debenhams website) cost £14.50 (for 125ml).


Well, there you go! I hope this has proved interesting...they are both fab, and if you can, do buy them!