Sunday, 30 December 2012

Daxon Blogger Network

Hello lovelies,

I thought today I'd let you know about a wonderful opportunity from Daxon. They're offering the chance to become a 'VIP Fashion Blogger' - and if you join, you get a post-Christmas present in the form of a £50 Amazon voucher! Wahooo!

All you have to do is follow three simple steps that can be found here - and the Daxon website is

I especially like this handbag as it's such a good dupe for the Mulberry 'Snowball' coloured ones!

Lots of love,

Friday, 28 December 2012

What I Wore At Christmas

Hello my lovelies,

This is a very quick post with a few Instagram edits (hence the awful quality of photos as clothes + dark lighting + iPhone + filters = recipe for a disaster!) showing what I wore at Christmas. I was very lucky as about a month ago I won a Kukee competition and was able to pick an item from Motel Rocks as part of my prize. I chose this gorgeous playsuit (which is now in the sale here) as I loved the collar as well as the shape of the piece.

Oooh blurry! I'll make sure to photograph it outside in natural light soon, I'm definitely planning on wearing it a lot around New Years as it's such a gorgeous shaped piece.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New Years Resolutions

Hello my lovelies,

So both my parents have flu so it turns out I won't be going to see extended family today! Trying not to dwell on the situation, I've decided to do an impromptu 'New Years Resolutions' post - which has come about as I've been browsing the sales. I'm relatively proud of the fact that I haven't bought anything (touches wood), saving my somewhat depleted bank account! I even managed to resist the £29 Jeffery Campbell Spiked Damsels. That, my friend, is what they call restraint. 

Every year I make New Years resolutions. Last year, they were even on my screensaver. They always follow the same lines "be helpful", "try your best in everything" etc. Of course, this year, I'll re-list these as my 2013 resolutions. But, this year, I'm going to try and go on a spending ban *gulps*. The basis of this is that I'm trying to save up for a million and one different things, including a trip to America, festival tickets and an iPad. It will probably take me until I'm 80 to save BUT every little helps, right?

So, I've made a little collage of my motivations when I see something I reaaally believe I want (as practised when I saw the Damsels in the sale today, so they do work!)

There is a catch - there are some exceptions, for me, anyway. Obviously, I'm not going to starve as a result of this, so food etc is exempt (!!). In addition, a new foundation or tinted moisturiser and mascara are exempt as I have neither and that's not good. I'm currently in the process of creating an everyday make up look, as my skin has recently gone terrible and the winter is really taking it's toll on my face in general. Ah.

Are you going to try to go on a post-Christmas spending ban? What are your new years resolutions? I'd love to know and gain inspiration! If you've ever done a spending ban in the past, I'd love it if you could let me know what helped you to not cave in - otherwise I can see this lasting an embarrassingly short time.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Merry Christmas lovely readers. I hope you have an amazing day, full of festive fun (and lots and lots of food!). Thank you so much for supporting my blog this year, may all your Christmas dreams come true. At the time of writing this (this is a scheduled post!) I've just hit 150 followers. I know to some bloggers this may seem like a teeny tiny amount, but for me it's a mahoosive number, so I'd like to thank each one of you. Merry Christmasssssssss!

ps. I'll be away from blogging until New Years Eve, spending time with extended family who I don't get to see very often. It's only a few days and I hope you all understand. Now go do what I'm about to do and eat your body weight in Quality Street and Celebrations! IT'S CHRIIIISTMAAAAS!
Monday, 24 December 2012

Shopping the Sales

Hello lovelies,

So it's the most wonderful time of the year (how many of you sung that line in your head?!) , and I don't know about you - but on Boxing Day, I am going to be eating and sleeping, rather than getting out into the cold and braving the crowds for the Boxing Day Sales.

Thanks to the glorious world wide web, on Boxing Day, I shall be able to stay in bed with a cuppa and shop the sales. I'm never really a big sales shopper (prefering to browse whilst 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' at the offers), but I thought I'd do my research to discover some great online sales to show you all this year.

Selfridges sale is always amazing and I'm very much looking forward to browsing the beauty sections to see what's on offer! The lovely thing is that the sale goes live online before the in-store sale - so why venture into the cold with the manic crowds when you could do it all online first?

LUSH also usually do a lovely sale filled with their Christmas treats - this is a sale I'll definitely be checking out!

Debenhams also have a fabulous sale on at the moment with up to 50% off everything in Beauty! This Benefit Gift Set has nearly £10 off, which is a pretty good deal considering the products in it are pretty timeless. 

I've also been perusing around the Lavish Alice sale. It's fair to say that there are some decent discounts on way too many things that I'd like to buy...

inlovewithfashion also have a brilliant 50% off sale with tons of bargains. 

Finally...the Mulberry sale. If you've got the cash, make the splurge....unfortunately I do not, but that's OK because I'm perfectly happy with my J Crew bag!

I hope this has alerted you to a few post-Christmas bargains.
Sorry for the picture-heavy post and generic style - I'm eager to post, but it is Christmas Eve!

Friday, 21 December 2012

The Winter-licious Tag

A big hello to you all!
Welcome to the new-and-improved RoseReviews -  I am so excited to share it with you all. The lovely Steph from Bonjourbellexo very kindly designed it for me and put up with my numerous emails with questions and opinions on the design. I've also updated the 'pages', so they should be better! Anyway, I've seen a few of these Winterlicious tags on YouTube, and despite not being tagged as I'm predominantly a blogger, I thought 'I like it, so I'm going to do it'. And here it is.

1. Favourite winter nail polish? 
Clear! How boring am I. I must be the world's worst applier of any nail varnish, and in the end just get frustrated and end up taking it off. Therefore, I make life easy for myself now and go for clear - my nails are in better condition due to it now, though!

2. Favourite winter lip product?
It would have to be 107 from Kate Moss's matte collection for Rimmel. This is the perfect wear-able autumn/winter shade, and with the high-street price tag, I love it! It also smells like sour skittles - it took me ages to work the smell out, and I am very proud of my discovery.

3. Favourite winter scent/candle?
DON'T get angry, but I'm just not a big fan of Yankee Candles *runs into cave to escape surprised/angry people*. Unfortunately, I live around 50 metres away from a NEOM stockist - which means my favourite candles are literally anything from NEOM. Because during past Winter's as a family we have burnt these candles, the smell just reminds me of the festive season.

4. Favourite winter beverage?
It has to be a recent discovery, Teapigs Peppermint tea. Sadly, I'm trying to avoid dairy products at the moment, but when I tried this in Carluccios I loved it instantly. 5 minutes later, I was walking out of Waitrose with my own packet of 15 teabags of the stuff. The love story has continued - named as a 'tummy tonic' it's been making me feel better (yay!) and is delicious at the same time. However, I also love Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes and definitely need to try them with soy milk!

- The tea - 

5. All time favourite holiday movie?
Without a shadow of a doubt, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (with Chevy Chase). I got so excited when the lovely Estée (link to her Winterlicious tag) mentioned this film, as not many people I've ever met/known/watched the videos of have seen it. It's hilarious and lovely (especially the part when the Christmas lights are incredibly bright to the horrible next-door neighbours) and it's a must-see. 
Here's the trailer:

6. Favourite Christmas song?
Probably 'Stop the Cavalry' because it's different! It's also well-known without being one of those songs which is played to death in shops whilst you're Christmas shopping ("Merry Christmas Everyone" I'm talking about you).

7. Favourite holiday food/treat?
Oh so predictable, but mince pies. They're just brilliant.

8. Favourite Christmas deocration this year?
As much as I love the majority of my Christmas decorations, this one has always been my Mum and I's favourite. It's a little westie dog on skates with a christmas tree on his head - bizarre but oh so lovely.

9. What's at the top of your Christmas list?
I always prefer the giving - but present wise, I love surprises. I've asked for Alien by Thierry Mugler and some books as well as a few beauty items, but I never expect to get the things I ask for! Luckily though, all my family are wonderful at buying presents so I'm never disappointed (touches wood).

10. What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Because of my half and half nationality, I actually have my main meal on Christmas Eve! This happens in the evening and is a traditional Scandinavian-esque meal, including duck, caramelised potatoes, red cabbage, brussels sprouts and prunes wrapped in bacon. We're having Christmas eve & day with just my sister and parents, and then "extended family" time is between Christmas and New Year!

11. Most worn winter accessory?
I own some Kukee rings which I absolutely love (especially the black one with glitter), they're wearable, adjustable (huzzah! rings that don't fall off my fingers) and just perfect for an easy touch of glam. 

12. Most worn winter piece?
By a million miles, my coat from Jigsaw. It was a Christmas present and I love it to bits. It's parka style with a faux-fur lined hood which keeps my ears toasty. In addition, it's three quarter length (so rather long but keeping me unbelievably warm). My favourite thing about it, however, is it is silk lined - with a beautiful lilac and cream vintage-style map of London. Blog post coming soon!

If you've read until the end, four for you lovely reader, you go lovely reader!
I tag you all to do this - if you do, come back and leave the link in the comments!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bath-time at Christmas

Cranberry Joy Soap from The Body Shop (price unknown - gift from sixth form)

Hey Lovely people,

I hope you've all been getting into the Christmas spirit recently - I know I have...not. I'm really struggling to feel all lovely and festive this year - probably due to the fact that the weather where I live has been basically rain with a tad of sunshine in between - so apart from, perhaps, the cold - it feels a bit more like a British summer (!!).

In an effort to feel more festive, I've been using this lovely cranberry joy soap from the Body Shop. Oooh. I feel this is especially festive due to the lovely embossed print on the front, and the lovely red packaging it comes in. 

Now, you may be thinking that this will make you smell like the relish eaten with the turkey. Well, you are mistaken. This smells like a bundle of Christmas joy, all sweet yet fruity with a little sprinkling of Christmas spicey-ness in there too. Mmm.

I can't seem to find this exact soap online, only the other products from the festive range. However, I'm sure these will be available in store, as it gets nearer to the big 2-5! I hope this will make those of you who, like me, are struggling to get into the 'festive cheer' this year - or perhaps, if you are already on the 'Christmas vibes', make you feel even more like Mother Christmas herself.

What's your preferred Christmas bath/shower time treat? I'm tempted to buy the Soap and Glory 'Best of All' whilst it's £27 - but I would only use about half the products in there! 


Sunday, 16 December 2012

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick

The other day I realised that my Bobbi Brown Touch-Up skin in 'sand' was gross and way too dark for my pale skin in the winter, and so whilst in Fenwick my mum very kindly bought be a new one as a little treat. I thought I'd do a review of my new one in 'warm ivory' for you all.

Ooooh pretty packaging, I hear you say. It sure is. Bobbi Brown packaging is always lovely - professional yet trendy - and this particular product is compact yet sturdy, if you get my drift. I feel confident that it wouldn't ruin/break in my lovely new bag! 

I'm so glad I finally said bye bye to 'sand' - I realise now it was too old (and therefore didn't blend as well) and definitely too orange for my skin tone in the Winter. 'Warm Ivory' is the perfect shade for me!  I'm glad I took the time to go and get properly colour matched. 

The face touch-up stick is, as one may imagine, a stick. As I am currently without a concealer brush, I apply this straight from the tube and then blend/pat it on with my fingers - and I can't fault it! It blends amazingly, providing good coverage without looking patchy - and I can use this in conjunction with foundation/tinted moisturiser OR on it's own (yay!). However, I would recommend this more for blemishes/redness rather than undereyes (I'm currently using Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for this!). I also make sure I've moisturised any dry patches before using this, as like most products, it tends to make it look a little more obvious.

Overall, I feel this product is really good - and I don't mind the price tag of £19 because I can see myself using this for ages. 

Huzzah, Bobbi Brown, another amazing product!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Wish list Worries

It's the same every year. 

*scrolling through the internet/blogs* - "I WANT EVERYTHING"

Oh, what do you want for Christmas?


Therefore, I thought I'd compile a little list of things I'd love to receive this Christmas. If you've done a similar post to this, please leave the link in the comments so I can get some more inspiration!

1 - Origins Super Spot Remover
2- Alien by Thierry Mugler Perfume
3 - Real Techniques Core Collection
4 - Persuasion by Jane Austen (Clothbound Classic Version)
5) Navy Whole Lotta Rosie Headband from Crown and Glory
6) Tabletop Tripod for my camera
7) Disney DVDs, because I was deprived of them in my younger years
8) Is it Just Me by Miranda Hart (my hero)

I hope this has given you some inspiration,

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A little update...

Thank you so so much for helping me reach 100 followers - I know to some people this may seem like a tiny amount, but for me it's amazing and if you follow me, THANK YOU! A giveaway will be up after Christmas, as I think you all appreciate Christmas is an expensive time for us all, and I want to do a good giveaway that isn't rushed in time for postage before Royal Mail are properly swamped. x

I'm officially on Christmas holiday as of tomorrow - so goodbye 6th form and hey lots of time to blog!! Expect OOTDs, Christmassy posts etc!

I hope you're all having a wonderfully festive December - I know I'm already tucking into the chocolate already!

Love xxxx
Saturday, 8 December 2012

Review: Dr. Nick Lowe Spot Gel

Hello Lovelies!

Today I thought I'd review a product I've been using for a while now: the Dr. Nick Lowe Spot Gel. My lovely mum bought be a tube of this absolutely ages ago - and this one pictured is in fact my second tube of the stuff: because I loooove it.

I find this product really helps to tone down the redness and size of spots if applied overnight - and the amazing thing is that one hardly needs any of it. It is a clear gel that dries clear (but beware: dries to look like dry skin!). Don't ask me how it works, I have no idea - but the main thing is: IT DOES!

Overall I absolutely love this and it's a definite addition to my skincare routine. The only downside of this product is the size - it's a relatively small tube - however, having said that, a little bit goes a long way and this tube has lasted me for ages.

Hope you've liked this post - I especially recommend this product to anyone who suffers from those big annoying spots that come up underneath the skin without forming a 'head' as such....

The product is £9.49 and you can buy it from here

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Beauty Blogger Tag

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

I started blogging in June 2011, but didn't properly get into it until January 2012. My posts at the beginning of the year were sporadic though, due to my exams. So, technically, I've been blogging for 1 year and 5 months - but I'd count it as since July this year, when I really got into it. :)

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?

I honestly can't remember! I think the first beauty youtuber I came across was SWalkerMakeup, and then I found out about beauty blogging through her - so I guess her blog!

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?

Oooooh good question! I guess it was the Sleek Contour Kit - and no! I really didn't like it - I found it orange-toned, too powdery and cakey on the skin - a pity, as I love Sleek products!

What are your favourite things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?

I think for any blogger, getting lovely comments really makes your day! It usually proves that people have read and enjoyed the post - I try to focus on this more than follower counts, especially as, in my experience, it's only fellow bloggers that use GFC. I do also love the #bblogger chats and finding new blogs.

What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?

It's okay to speak out if you don't like a product, and to really be who you are. Post things YOU want to, not things you think will make your follow count rise.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?

Yes (I spend more!!)

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?

Chat, chat, chat! The #bblogger community is amazing - the best way to discover new blogs, strike #bblogger friendships and spread the word of your blog is through commenting on other people's posts, chatting through twitter etc - and not just "follow back?!" - I know I'm more likely to check out someone's blog if they've left a nice/honest comment.

Name your top five beauty brands!

Bobbi Brown
By Terry

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products!

BECCA Luminous Skin Colour
Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser
Shu Uemura Bow Wow Magic Queen Palette
Rimmel Lipstick from the Kate Moss Matte Collection in 107
YSL Shocking Mascara

I TAG YOU ALL! If you decide to post this, let me know in the comments below so I can check out your blog
Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The John Greed Jewellery Blogger Challenge ft. Edie the Elephant

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd share my entry for the John Greed Jewellery Pandora Blogger Challenge this lunchtime! This is the bracelet I chose, along with the charms - how cute are they?

Bracelet - £55
Snowman Charm - £25
'R' Charm - £30
Elephant Charm - £30
Suitcase Charm - £30
Statue of Liberty Charm - £40
London Bus Charm - £40
Total cost = £250 

The Suitcase reminds me of holidays of course, but I couldn't help noticing that the suitcase had 'DK' written on it - which immediately appealed to me, as I am half Danish, and the charm therefore reminds me of family holidays at our house there, and my little cousins who live in Copenhagen.

The London Bus is perfect, as I do absolutely love London and it's always somewhere I look forward to visiting - London buses are so iconically British!

The Statue of Liberty is inspiring, as I think for any actor, New York is attached to dreams of broadway and films...aaaaah it's somewhere I SO WANT TO GO!

The Elephant reminds me of my younger years, when I adopted an elephant named Edie. I remember making a scrapbook all about her (which I still own now) and being absolutely amazed by the possibility that I was helping this little baby elephant!

This is the real Edie and a friend!
The 'R' charm, reminds me of three things. Uno, it represents 'RoseReviews', this blog, which I love writing - also my middle name, Rose, therefore reminding me to be true to myself, and lastly - my lovely lovely Granny - Mary-Rose, who I miss lots and lots so it would be lovely to have a charm and remember her every time I look at it.

Finally, the snowman is so so lovely and as this competition is running over Christmas, I thought in the unlikely case I win, it would be really festive to have a snowman.....this one probably doesn't have as much meaning behind it as the other charms, but oh well - it's just too cuteeeee

If you want to enter this competition, just click on the image above and it should open - just be warned, the entries have to be in by tomorrow!

I had great fun creating my entry and I hope you do too - good luck!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

MaryJaneFashion Competition

Hello lovely readers,

As you all probably know the lovely people at e-tailwebstores are offering one lucky blogger some extra wonga (either £250 or £500!!!) in time for Christmas - and to be entered, you just have to do a promotional post of one of their brands discounts/competitions.

I decided to choose this discount from , as I think it's a great opportunity, and having browsed their website - I think the winner is in for a serious treat!

Their website is full of clothes at the most amazing prices. My particular favourite is this cropped silk-panel biker jacket!
You can enter the competition by 'liking' the maryjanefashion facebook page here and then following the instructions.

But THEN I was thinking, how can I convince these lovely lovely (do I say that word enough?) readers that they should go and check this competition? Queue my nine-year-old sister and myself making an over-dramatic video, including (of course) chocolate, which just-about stayed long enough to film before we ate it all (oops). 

Just click above ^^ to watch it.

I hope you all like it (including you all at I've kind of already promised to contribute towards my sister's Christmas present {iPod} if I win....oops?!)

Lots of Love and happy Sunday!


REVIEW: 'That Gal' Primer from Benefit

Today I thought I'd review the 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer from Benefit. I picked this up when Glamour magazine had these little 7.5ml tubes as their freebie - and I haven't been disappointed!

Realising that there was only 7.5ml in the tube, I saved this over the summer for a special occasion (nothing in particular, but I always worry that I'll use a product up and then need it for a momentous, out-of-the-blue occasion...does anyone else or is this just me?) Anyway, when I came to using this - I actually discovered that a little goes a long way, so this tester has lasted me a lot longer than I thought it would!

This is a lot pinker than I expected (I guess that's the 'brightening' part?!), and although very different to the Laura Mercier primer I'd previously used a few times (sorry, Mum) - made my skin feel really soft and smooth. I only really applied this to my chin, nose and forehead - places I find makeup tends to not last as long, and where I often need more due to redness and breakouts. However, I felt this actually really helped reduce the redness of my blemishes before foundation, or even just concealer. As well as making my makeup last longer, this smelt lovely, applied like a dream and really did help to brighten my face - something I wasn't actually expecting following many disappointing 'wonder-claims' from brands! I did even use this on it's own a few times to help reduce redness and brighten my face on days when I didn't really feel like wearing much make-up - you'd think it wouldn't work, but I think it did! Huzzah Huzzah!

This is definitely a contender for my Christmas list now, and if you're interested, you can buy it from here.

Here's a little picture of me, looking rather gross now, come to think of it! Sorry. It looked nicer on iPhoto I guess! Anyway, I'm wearing the primer under a teeny weeny bit of BECCA Luminous Skin Colour, and some of my favourite Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Collection in 107. Oh, and my beloved coat is from Jigsaw (post coming soon as I love it oh so much).

Lots of love & Happy Advent/December! 
(I'm going to be blogging lots and lots throughout December...maybe even some keep your eyes peeled! Definitely just realised how weird that saying is...peeled? I mean really....)


ps. If you're interested - please check out my blog sale (link at the top of the page). I'm open to offers/negotiations on prices!
Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's officially Advent - The Christmas Tag!

#1-What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Spending time with family and decorating the house - having the time to do what I want, and of course, my delicious meal on Christmas Eve!

#2-What is your favourite make up look for the festive season?
I'd like to think I've moved on from last year, when I was not as educated at makeup! This year, I anticipate I'll be wearing a light smokey eye or a golden eye look!

#3-Real tree or fake tree?
I've never used a fake tree, as my family all use real trees (and buy them very late). Pine needles galore underneath, but it's worth it for the christmassy smell all around the house!

#4-Giving presents or receiving presents?
Definitely giving! Although it is always nice to receive things, I absolutely love arranging presents, wrapping, and ultimately the giving!

#5-Do you open your Christmas presents morning or evening?
I open my presents from foreign relatives over my main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve. Then, stockings on Christmas morning, and all other presents (English family & friends) on Christmas afternoon!

#6-Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
Bought! I love receiving handmade ones, but as for me sending them - I'm not that arty - although I may attempt a few thing year.

#7-What is your favourite Christmas film?
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I've already watched it this year, and it's my absolute favourite! I do love Miracle on 34th Street too, although I find it quite sad :(

#8-What is your favourite Christmas food?
Too much to count: the duck on Christmas eve, red cabbage, devils on horseback (prunes wrapped in bacon, mmmm), chocolate, hot chocolate, everything!

I tag you all to do this!

ps. make sure to check out my blog sale , lots of lovely items going cheap & I'm willing to take offers as it has to go! xx