Sunday, 16 December 2012

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick

The other day I realised that my Bobbi Brown Touch-Up skin in 'sand' was gross and way too dark for my pale skin in the winter, and so whilst in Fenwick my mum very kindly bought be a new one as a little treat. I thought I'd do a review of my new one in 'warm ivory' for you all.

Ooooh pretty packaging, I hear you say. It sure is. Bobbi Brown packaging is always lovely - professional yet trendy - and this particular product is compact yet sturdy, if you get my drift. I feel confident that it wouldn't ruin/break in my lovely new bag! 

I'm so glad I finally said bye bye to 'sand' - I realise now it was too old (and therefore didn't blend as well) and definitely too orange for my skin tone in the Winter. 'Warm Ivory' is the perfect shade for me!  I'm glad I took the time to go and get properly colour matched. 

The face touch-up stick is, as one may imagine, a stick. As I am currently without a concealer brush, I apply this straight from the tube and then blend/pat it on with my fingers - and I can't fault it! It blends amazingly, providing good coverage without looking patchy - and I can use this in conjunction with foundation/tinted moisturiser OR on it's own (yay!). However, I would recommend this more for blemishes/redness rather than undereyes (I'm currently using Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for this!). I also make sure I've moisturised any dry patches before using this, as like most products, it tends to make it look a little more obvious.

Overall, I feel this product is really good - and I don't mind the price tag of £19 because I can see myself using this for ages. 

Huzzah, Bobbi Brown, another amazing product!


  1. Oooh I love Bobby Brown! My sister bought me a lipstick for my birthday but I think I lost it :(

    Efia @


  2. I love Bobbi Brown, too! I've only had a few things from them, but they seem like such nice quality (:

  3. I still haven't tried out Bobby Brown, I think I need too as everyone speaks so highly of it!! Thanks for sharing your link with me on twitter, happily following along!!



  4. Hi Thanks for sending me your link on twitter xx I am @sophiepatty and now am following you :)
    Would be great to follow each other as I do love your blog x

  5. I like this too! Had it for ages, didn't like it at first but rediscovered it the other day and am in love haha!!

  6. wow lovely review I never try bobbi brown think get some for birthday look good same go for foundation but not sure about the stick everyone say it good so might try it


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