Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Bourjois Cream Blush

Hey My Lovelies!

As you may know if you follow me on any social networking platform, I have very important exams at the moment and thus haven't been able to blog (or do anything else, for that matter!) for rather a long time. However, I really wanted to tell you about a very exciting product set to be released into the highstreet (boots, superdrug and on May 15th, and is already available in Selfridges and online!

Now, the first baked powder blush by Bourjois was created in 1868.....and the product I want to inform you of is the new Bourjois Cream Blush! Now I am INCREDIBLY excited about this as I do love my cream blushes  - they leave my skin looking fresh and glowing but without looking caked on or over-done - just natural! This blush also uses a 'cream-powder' technology - I've never tried a product with this effect, but it claims to 'transform in contact with the skin' - exciting!

The blush will come in 4 shades:

  • 01 - Nude Velvet - a light and delicate peach with a matte finish for a subtle effect
  • 02 - Healthy Glow - a vibrant and slightly pearly apricot pink for an immediate healthy glow effect
  • 03 - a soft pink with a pearly finish for a baby doll complexion
  • 04 - Sweet Cherry - a deep matte brown-pink for a fresh, outdoor complexion
Personally, I feel that Bourjois have managed to produce shades and finishes to suit every skin tone - in only 4 colours - so a big round of applause to them! Personally I love the sound of 01 and 02 especially.

I've been having some skin/breakout troubles at the moment and I always think that's a bit of a vicious circle - as when I wear make up, it doesn't improve, but to feel more confident, I want to wear make-up! However this new blush is enriched with poppy extracts for more comfortable skin, apricot extracts for a healthy glow and mango extracts for a soft touch - yay! It also has a mirror which will be perfect for on-the-go touch ups over the summer.

Are you excited about this product? Which shade do you have your eye on? Have you ever tried a product like this before? Please let me know in the comments.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

A pop of colour in a city of grey

Hello my lovelies!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in ages, I've been really busy recently with important exams going on and doing all these grown up things like researching universities (exciting, but scary!).

However, a few weeks ago I was sent this lovely Loretta bracelet from Francesca Pina jewellery and it's so gorgeous I knew as soon as I got it that I would have to devote a post to it!

The bracelet is just the perfect colour, a gorgeous pacific aqua with three little charms on (a wing, a white crystal drop bead and an italic 'F', I presume for Francesca Pina!) what I especially love about the bracelet is how one can make the charms the centre of attention, as I have in the photo above, or just swivel the bracelet round, so they're less noticeable.

The beads are amazonite beads, which are widely considered to calm the brain and dispel negative energy - just what I need!!

The colour, for me, is perfect - I have found it a welcome 'pop' of colour in my black/white/navy wardrobe - I particularly liked it when wandering around London about a week ago as it was the perfect size - sometimes I find elasticated/'stretchy' bracelets a little baggy on my ickle wrists but this was perfect - not too tight (ie. I didn't lose feeling in my me, it has been known!) but I did not feel at all worried about it falling off as I perused through the clothing aisles!

I just love this so much, I'm very much turning into more of a jewellery fan, wearing it to college on a daily basis (unheard of for me!) and hope to buy more from Francesca Pina jewellery soon as all their pieces are completely gorgeous! (Maybe even for mother's day, as they have a great page devoted to it here that may help people who are, like me, struggling for ideas!)

You can see the store here and the Loretta bracelet here

Livi xx
Saturday, 9 February 2013

TAG: 25 random facts about me

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought'd I'd do the 25 random facts about me tag, as I've loved reading other peoples. I haven't specifically been tagged by anyone to do this - but oh well! 
These are completely random, I'm literally thinking off the top of my head!

1. I have an Annick Goutal perfume bottle sitting on my bedside table which is filled with water - it's so pretty I couldn't bring myself to throw it out (don't worry I don't drink from it though!)
2. I absolutely love taking photos, photography and photo frames. If I could put photo frames everywhere then I would!
3. If I consider things 'too nice/pretty to use' then they'll go unloved - examples being my really nice clothes and little lovely bits of stationery! They're too pretty and I think I'll ruin them!
4. I have watched every episode of Friends (don't think this one is too unusual!)
5. Miranda Hart is one of my favourite people - I've never met her or anything but she's just so funny and happy in her own skin - I find it very inspiring
6. If I had lots of money in my bank account I'd definitely go see Beyonce live this year on her next world tour
7. I have so many nicknames it's hard to keep track of them all (all nice ones, don't worry!)
8. My favourite sweet treat is sweet popcorn or reeses peanut butter cups, mmmm
9. I cry very easily, including when I get angry - which I find annoying as if I'm having an argument with someone I'll just automatically cry instead of fight my case
10. The best thing my Mum and I bake are our chocolate brownies - it's an adapted recipe which is now top secret - all my Mum's friends try to get her to spill the beans though! Not happening ;)
11. I still have the majority of my childhood teddy bears
12. The last time I went to the cinema I saw Les Miserables, I thought it was absolutely amazing!
13 - is my lucky number (I'm not copying Taylor Swift I promise!). My reasoning is that so many people's unlucky number is 13 so there must be a lot of luck left in it ;)
14 - I love love love acting.
15. I really want to read English Literature at university
16. I don't own a single MAC lipstick
17. I love basically any food
18. I have one sister
19. I haven't travelled much but am hoping to in my gap year!
20. Because I never got Disney Channel when I was little and it was really cool, I find myself watching it now it's on the sky box....ooops! My favourite Disney show is definitely Good Luck Charlie or Jessie...
21. I love bobble hats!
22. I say 'guys' way too much. 'Guys lets go' or 'Guys do we want one order or two' even if I'm in a group of all girls I'll say it. It's awful.
23. My handwriting changes with my mood
24. I've got exams in two weeks, hence the lack of blog posts

I tag all of you to do this tag :)


Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Long Overdue Lifey Update

Woah. This feels weird. But I'm back! I know it's only been about 10 days, but honestly, it feels like a year! Anyway, I'm so sorry for being so sporadic on here recently - I have exams coming up in a few weeks time and despite having revision it still feels as though essays are coming in left right and centre! In addition to this I haven't been too well recently (or as you'll know if you follow me on twitter where I've been moaning about it!) and therefore haven't really been into the 'blogging' mood - which is strange for me!

But anyway, last weekend I went shopping (what a surprise) - so expect a haul and some more reviews very soon. A hint - I've fallen in love with a very expensive but amazing foundation. Guess what it is yet?! Mwhahaha!! 

So I promise there will be more posts in the next few days....


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hello lovely ladiesss!

So today I have a very exciting giveaway for you all! After Christmas, I think we all like to visit the gym, go for a run, do some zumba - in my case, basically anything to make myself think I'm working off those numerous Ferrero Rocher's from Christmas. So to help with it:

You could win  one of ShockAbsorber's new Ultimate Gym Bras!

There is lots of science behind these sports bras, and I wouldn't expect anything less as ShockAbsorber is the UK's #1 sports bra brand. The Ultimate Gym Bra, which one of you lovely readers could win, features padded straps and hook (to prevent the eye in the hook and eye clip digging in), multi-dimensional, encapsulated support among many other amazing features, and has bounce control tested at the University of Portsmouth! Bounce control - who knew? How amazing? The material is also a soft and breathable under band and high performance fabrics, with padded non-slip straps and a seam free inner lining - THIS IS JUST BASICALLY AMAZING.

The bra also features a headphone wire holder so that you can listen to some amazing tunes whilst on a run, at the gym or wherever you like to exercise! Shock Absorber recently teamed up with Dr Karageorghis and his team at Brunel University, London and they recommended some great tunes to listen to whilst exercising (because they found that people were able to endure exercise for 15% LONGER when listening to motivational music!) Some of the songs they recommended were Call My Name by Cheryl Cole (128bpm), We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris (129bpm) and Both of Us by B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift (127bpm).

So, how could YOU get your hands on one of these?

1. UK Only, sorry!
2. If your size is not available in the Ultimate Gym Bra, you will be offered another bra in your size :-)

-this competition is now closed. congratulations to the winner, Danielle -

Good Luck all!

Lots of love,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I have a perfume problem.

Hello my lovelies,

Okay, so my problem is this: I like too many perfumes. I always see people who say, 'this is my staple perfume' or 'I wear this every day'. I don't think I could ever do that! Sure, I have my favourites - but there are roughly 4 of them - and the number keeps growing!

One perfume I wore on and off throughout 2012 and am currently loving as a winter fragrance is the "Belle" perfume from Jigsaw.

Okay, let's start with the packaging. I absolutely love the gold and mint colour scheme - it looks oh so French and looks perfect on my dressing table. But when you open it....

IT IS SITTING ON A BED OF VELVET. I REPEAT, IT IS SITTING ON A BED OF VELVET. I mean, how perfect does it look? Let's ignore the fact that I can't figure out how to remove it from the bed of velvet, because frankly, it's so pretty I can overlook that. This is in such a classic bottle and smells so lovely and sophisticated, that it really has become an evening staple for me. I say evening, as it's quite a heavy, sophisticated perfume which I feel is a little too heavy for all-day, every-day wear. To apply, I just dab the bottle top on my wrists - it really is that easy.

Annoyingly, I don't know if Jigsaw are still stocking this - but if not, I shall start a petition to get it back! Otherwise, I'm sure you could find it on ebay or somewhere. 

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2013 Recommendations

Hello my lovelies,

This is quite a quick post as I'm now back at 6th form and the essays are rolling in! I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, so thought I should finally get around to doing it! I thought I'd share some of the blogs and youtubes I've loved watching and reading throughout 2012. I'm sure some of them you will all already know, but if not, hopefully you'll go check them out!

(no particular order)

I've absolutely loved watching Estée's youtube videos and reading her blog. She has the best personality which really comes across in her videos, and I find her reviews (both video and text) so helpful!

I absolutely love Jessie's style - and have also loved watching her Vlog channel, especially her Vlogmas series. It's really nice to be able to watch someone close to my age and always take her advice when it comes to fashion and beauty (if you saw what I asked for for Christmas, you would understand).

Couture girl was a blog I didn't discover until quite late in 2012, but loved reading it nonetheless. Her posts are always varied and I always get excited when a new post from Kayleigh pops up on my blogger feed!

I absolutely love Amy's style and always take inspiration from her outfit posts! I've been following her blog for a while now and just love it. I don't think I can say much else.

Okay. So this isn't fashion or beauty related. But every day (Monday through Friday) DailyGrace never fails to put a smile on my face. I always eagerly await her videos and if you're not subscribed to her...well, should be. She's hilarious.

I hope through this post you've discovered some new youtubes & blogs. As I said earlier, you've probably heard of most of these...but oh well. These are just some of the youtubers and bloggers I've loved watching and reading through 2012 - if I mentioned all of them...I'd be here all day.

Lots of love,

Sunday, 13 January 2013

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown 'Beach' Body Lotion

Hello my lovelies!

Today I thought I'd share one of my favourite body lotions with you all. I've only recently got into using body lotions (if last summer is recently..) after wanting to help my (tiny) tan last. I received this for Christmas and have been using it after every bath/shower since - unheard of for me as I usually don't like the sticky feeling of body lotions after a nice shower!

The first is one I received for Christmas - the Bobbi Brown 'Beach' body lotion. If you've been following this blog for some time, or follow me on twitter then you may know that my favourite perfume of all time is Bobbi Brown 'Beach'. It reminds me so much of summer and sunny days, and is incredibly wearable. The fragrance is a mix of "sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin" and so I think you can imagine this smells gorgeous!

The body lotion is incredibly lightweight yet moisturises the skin well, leaving it feeling lovely and smooth. The scent lingers (lightly, not overpowering!) on the skin - I love everything about this and cannot wait to use it in the summer on any hint of a tan that I may get!

This retails for £21 (I only know this as I was wanting it before I was given it) and if you're looking for a nice little treat, I really recommend it. I personally will ask for this as a gift again if it runs out, or perhaps splash out and buy it for myself - as I absolutely love the scent and how it makes my skin feel - I especially can't wait to use it in the summer If you're ever passing a Bobbi Brown counter, I really recommend you have a smell of the 'Beach' products.

Lots of love,

ps. Now I'm officially a 'body lotion' user - please leave recommendations in the comments!
Wednesday, 9 January 2013

REVIEW: Korres Lip Butter

Hello my lovelies,
In late November I treated myself to a Korres Lip Butter from ASOS after hearing so many youtubers and bloggers rave about them. I really wanted a nude shade, so went for 'Jasmine'. However, I was quite confused as I presumed the scent of the product would also be of jasmine (one of my favourite scents), however, the only thing I can compare the smell to is burnt popcorn! So in that way I was a little disappointed.

'Jasmine' is a nude shade (despite looking darker in the pot), and I wouldn't say it added any colour to my lips at all, apart from perhaps making them look glossy. This does moisturise my lips and I do like the packaging - it's cute and perfect for ones handbag, but for the £7 price tag - I think in future I'll stick to Carmex! 

ps. I've entered a SheInside competition here. If you could 'like' my most recent post, it would mean a lot! You should all enter too, if you can :) Feel free to tweet me @rosereviews if you do 'like' it so I can say thanks!
Sunday, 6 January 2013

REVIEW: St Tropez Skin Illuminator

Hello my lovelies,
About a year ago (!!) I bought this skin illuminator from St. Tropez in 'violet', whilst looking for a dupe for the MAC Strobe Cream. I think I was most attracted to this as it was on offer, but it also intrigued me!

This really does have a violet-coloured undertone to it - so is perfect for those seeking the bold look which I always associate with brands such as Illamasqua. Frankly, now I am wondering if this was meant for use on body rather than on the face - however I really have liked using it. It's perfect for a bold 'night-out' look and I think would look particularly great on those with a darker skin tone. If I wear this alongside a bright pink blush, it tends to look awful! However - I must say that it is incredibly illuminating and so I will continue to use this when I want a more eye-catching look until it has run out - and am especially looking forward to trying it out on my legs in the summer!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

A big thank you to Olivia from OKfashionbeauty as well as Louise and Erin from Sparkly Blues and Rainbow Shoes for nominating me for this blogger award!

The Versatile Blogger Award is for fairly new bloggers and these are the rules....
1. Nominate up to 15 other bloggers who are quite new to blogging
2. Let them know that you have nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post

So here are 7 completely random facts about me:
#1 - I love photo frames and if I could, I would just have them EVERYWHERE. Especially shabby chic ones. On my desk I have a little heart frame with a photo of my granny when she was little with her father, sisters and dog. It's so cute!
#2 - As well as being an aspiring actress, I also like to sing. I see this as more of a hobby, but my blue Snowball microphone has completely changed recording audio for me!
#3 - The main 2nd language I study is French. I did both French and Spanish at GCSE, and for the most part preferred Spanish - but at the last minute I chose to take French at 6th form as I love the French culture (and food..) and can see myself living there one day!
#4 - A few birthdays ago I got given the guitar I'd been wanting for SO long before. I'm so embarrassed to admit that it hasn't got much use, but this year that's going to change and I'm going to teach myself *gulp*.
#5 - I have the most varied music taste - I love the majority of genres (excluding heavy metal!!). On a day to day basis, I listen to Coldplay, Travis and One Direction mostly though ;) I've also really got into Kanye West and Jay-Z 'Watch The Throne' this Christmas as their music is being used in the new 'The Great Gatsby' film which I am SO excited for.
#6 - I can't walk in heels. It's awful.
#7 - I love peppermint tea too much!! I've gone off dairy at the moment as it makes me feel quite ill, and so normal builders tea is not being consumed :(

I nominate:

Thank you again to the three lovely bloggers who nominated me!

Friday, 4 January 2013

NOTD: Pastel Me Pretty

Hello my lovelies,
These are my nails today - I absolutely love pastels so thought I'd shake it up a bit and use Models Own "Lilac Dream" with Miss Sporty (colour unknown - yellow shade) as an accent nail. I applied American Apparel's 'Supernova' over every nail. I think lilac and yellow is a bit different and I'm not yet sure about it, but it makes the accent nail stand out a bit more which I do like. I received 'Supernova' as a Christmas present from a friend and I absolutely love it - it's quick drying and is very smooth on the nail, unlike other glitter polishes I have tried in the past.

Lots of love,
Tuesday, 1 January 2013

REVIEW: Daisy Eau de Parfum Natural

I was very lucky before Christmas and won this amazing perfume, 'Daisy Eau de Parfum Natural' by Marc Jacobs  from in a giveaway. I absolutely love the escentual website as it's classy with a great layout, creating a great shopping experince, something I think is hard to find online nowadays!

The perfume itself is a slightly heavier version of the normal 'Daisy' and smells really sophisticated. Described as being of a 'higher concentration' than Daisy, making it 'a more sensual and indulgent experience to dive deeper into the whimsical world of Daisy', this has quickly become one of my favourite fragrances (alongside the likes of Bobbi Brown 'Beach'). The black and gold packaging is elaborate yet classy and looks fabulous on my dressing table - this product really looks, feels and smells  luxury. With top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit, heart notes of violet, jasmine and gardenia and base notes of vanilla, musks and white woods - I must say I slightly prefer the smell of this perfume a little while after application, perhaps as I simply love violet and jasmine. 

I would definitely recommend this perfume, perhaps when you next pass it, give it a spray?

Lots of love,

ps. I am aware that many of my posts lately have been rather wordy due to Christmas/New Year etc and the lighting just being generally pants. Luckily, my new blog design means  that there's a neat little blog archive at the side now! So go search for the type of posts you're looking for to your hearts content ;)