Thursday, 19 July 2012

Simple, Quick & Easy Festival Up-Do (OSiS)

Hey girls,
Today I'm going to be showing you a really quick, easy and, in my opinion, pretty hairstyle for festivals. The main thing I've learnt from festivals is that you really don't want to spend that much time doing hair/make up as most of the time you're tired and damp due to the awful British 'summer' weather - so I adjusted this hairstyle accordingly. Some hairstyles I try and invent and end up looking like some sort of mad magician/inventor but I really like this look and think I will re-create it tomorrow hehe

I also tried to match this hairstyle to some festival make up and clothes to re-create the whole look - I hope you like it!

So ignore my nose looking strange in this shot, I was looking down to try to get the look in the shot!

The hairstyle is basically a high, scruffy bun (so really comfy?!) with a sweeping side quiff which then turns into a plait.

I did this by:
1) Sectioning my hair and putting it into a high ponytail. I then used a small sectioned amount and pushed it forward, creating the small 'quiff' effect.
2) I then plaited this diagonally so that the quiff had a 'sweeping' effect, and secured this with a clip (run out of bobbi pins AGAIN, I swear there's a little fairy that takes them at night!)
3) I used another hairband to make the ponytain into a bun, by wrapping the ponytail around in a circle.
4) Voila!

For the make-up I added waterproof mascara (needs to be waterproof with this weather! *sighs/slightly sobs*)  and then used a lip tint pen (review coming soon) to create a hot pink/fuschia lip. I added a little concealer and then was done - as I mentioned before, you really don't want to be transporting a lot of make up to a festival!

Et voila! The finished look with my new MissGuided sunglasses.

If I'd been able to use a #OSiS product, I would have used the OSiS Elastic (£9.75) as I feel it would have been perfect to give this look more staying power - after all, at a festival you'd need it, and what is a cool hairstyle without cool staying power?! And it also 'protects from outside influences' - perfect for the festivalgoer.

You can check out the Schwarzkopf Website for more information about the OSiS products.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post & seeing my festival look
Rose xx

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  1. i love this up-do so much!
    my hair never goes right when i put it up though! you look lovely



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