Monday, 15 October 2012

Fashion Inspirations #3

Hello Lovelies,

If you follow me on twitter then you may know that I've been wanting to expand my blog from beauty to both beauty and fashion. Although I love blogging about products, and will continue to do so, I feel it's a good challenge to venture into unknown territory and do some OOTDs and Collection videos (as well as hauls....)

Whilst I'm shopping around and updating my wardrobe ready for the autumn (my bank is going to hate me...) I thought I'd share with you some of my fashion inspirations that I look up to.

Throughout doing these posts I've actually realised I don't have many fashion inspirations! I tend to take little snippets of style from lots of different people, so today will be the last post in this series!

Click here to see yesterdays fashion inspiration, but todays is:

3) Fashion Bloggers

Yes. I get a lot of inspiration from seeing other people's outfits on their blogs, and so I thought I'd share a few of them with you.

The first is Amy from The Little Magpie. I absolutely love her style and her attitude towards fashion - she always manages to put together an outfit that is really wearable yet includes edgy, on-trend pieces. I really look up to her in the blogging world, so make sure you follow her if you don't already.
I'm hoping she doesn't mind me using a photo from her blog here, Amy if you do, tweet me @rosereviews and I'll remove it x
Amy from The Little Magpie
Next is Olivia from What Olivia Did... . I absolutely love Olivia's blog and style - in my opinion it is vintage chic meets modern glam. Her blog is always interesting to read and I take a lot of inspiration from it..I can't recommend her blog enough!
Olivia from What Olivia Did...
Last, but by no means least (did I mention that, of course, these are in no particular order?) is Lily from LLYMLRS. I absolutely love her style, attitude, writing style basically everything. One of the most established fashion bloggers out there, you're craaazy if you don't follow her.

Lily from

I hope you've enjoyed this post & my mini fashion inspiration series. Feel free to link any of your favourite fashion bloggers below!

Promise I'll post again soon!

Rose xx


  1. aw you're too sweet, thank you so much! And of course I don't mind you using the photo :-) xx

  2. Will be checking out these fashion bloggers X

  3. Wow some gorgeous photos!
    Erica xo Come see my vintage giveaway!

  4. Love this post, and the outfits xxx


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