Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Newest Discovery!

Hey Girls!

The other day I was procrastinating from revision (no surprise), and decided to take a visit to my local major town and visit some shops! After browsing through Superdrug and not being excited by anything, I decided to visit Boots.....and stumbled upon a product which has really excited me!

I don't usually buy Natural Collection, just because as I have quite sensitive skin, I tend to stay safe and buy brands I know, like Bobbi Brown and Barry M. However, since starting this blog, I've started to try and be a bit more daring with my purchases! This is just one reason why this blog is so exciting for me.

This is the eyeshadow that I purchased. It is the shade Lilac Shimmer. I have to stress, however, that I feel that this eyeshadow is more of a silver based product than lilac.
Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Lilac Shimmer
This is how the product looks when you first pick it up. I must say, if I hadn't have swatched this eyeshadow in the shop, I wouldn't have purchased it! However when I did....
Look how cool it is! Beautiful.
This swatches very well, and is really pigmented, especially for the price. The only think I will say about the product is that you do need slightly more product on the brush than you would, with say, a more high-end brand, therefore meaning that you use it more quickly. But, however, for the price, an amazing £1.75, I don't think that this matters! This is a beautiful shimmery silver which, in my opinion, especially suits underneath the brow and lower on the lid. It also looks particularly good when applied in the corner of your eye (hard to explain, the corner of your eye next to your nose? eeek).

If you're not in the UK and can't find this product do not fear! When I get a few more followers, this product (but new, of course) will be one of many in a giveaway that I am already thinking about!

This is a beautiful eyeshadow which I am so excited about! As I said, you do need a bit more on your brush than normal (I use the Sephora All-Over Shadow brush that I bought abroad), but for the price I don't think this matters!

Eyeshadow in Lilac Shimmer from Natural Collection in Boots £1.75

Do you have any eyeshadow must-haves? Have you tried this eyeshadow before? Are you thinking of buying it now? Just want to say hey? Comment below, I promise I'll read them! Also please do follow if you've enjoyed this post! As I said, giveaway soon.

Rose xxxxxx


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